Welcome Back to the 2020 School year!

Today is August 24th...

With half a week in things seem to be moving along in the virtual world.  We began the curriculum this week and I will continue to roll out new material as we progress.

Currently, we are reading Fever 1793, a book that provides a historical fiction account of the yellow fever in Philadelphia during the summer of 1793.  

We began writing class this year by using Essaypop.com.  This is a website designed to help writiers organize their thoughts, provide challenging content, and always collaboration.  The students seemed to really like the website and ease of use.  I will also incorporate No Red Ink to help with grammar and sentence structure.

Math class began today and every student seemed to have found the correct class.  I will post nightly homework from each teacher under the homework tab.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

- Mr. B