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State Superintendent Tony Sanders Impressed by CCSD15’s Progress Toward its Moving 15 Forward Initiative

On April 5, 2024, Dr. Tony Sanders, the State Superintendent of Illinois, paid a visit to Community Consolidated School District 15 (CCSD15) to see the innovative educational programs and infrastructure developments in the district. 

Dr. Sanders spent part of his day at Walter R. Sundling Junior High, where he witnessed the district’s commitment to academic excellence through its new Science and Math curriculums.   

"Catching the attention of State Superintendent Dr. Tony Sanders is something our students and staff should be very proud of," said Laurie Heinz, Superintendent of CCSD15. "We are so focused on our students and their growth each and every day; it is encouraging to hear our work and initiatives are standing out as an example to be followed."

His visit also included spending time at Jane Addams Elementary School, which allowed Dr. Sanders to see their Dual Language classroom in action. In addition to the district’s many academic improvements, Dr. Sanders was also given tours of a few of the current construction projects taking place across CCSD15. The projects are part of a multi-year effort to improve all 20 schools in CCSD15, an effort that is funded 50 percent by the district’s savings and budgeting and 50 percent through the voter-approved Moving 15 Forward referendum. 

Expressing his admiration for the initiatives undertaken by Community Consolidated School District 15, Dr. Sanders remarked, "I was so impressed with the vision of superintendent Dr. Laurie Heinz, which is taking root in CCSD15 through the dual language program, curriculum shifts, and expansion of early childhood education. Backed up by the community’s investment in its schools, CCSD15 is an impressive example of high-quality public education." 

The visit concluded with Dr. Sanders commending the district's leadership and staff for their ability to continue making significant strides in fostering academic achievement and nurturing the growth of its students. 

For more information about Community Consolidated School District 15 or the Moving 15 Forward initiative, visit

Dr. Sanders’ visit to Walter R. Sundling

Dr Sanders visit at WRS

Dr. Sanders’ visit to Jane Addams

Dr Sanders visit at JA