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District 15 Schools Recognized for Taking Steps to Increase Student Success

PBIS network certificate

All 20 schools in District 15 have been successfully building a school-wide framework aimed at closing achievement gaps and increasing the number of students who graduate ready for college or a career. National research shows that full implementation of this type of framework leads to improved student outcomes both with social-emotional competence and academics.

By establishing this framework, District 15 schools are increasing the consistency of effective instruction for all students, building staff knowledge and skills to support all learners, using data to more quickly identify and provide support for students, and shifting to a culture that supports stronger relationships with students, their families, and communities.

District 15 schools are working to increase positive student outcomes in reading, mathematics, and behavior. Schools that have received training in this framework, have adopted evidence-based practices and have shown progress on implementation, are honored through Midwest PBIS Network’s Recognition process.

District 15 schools are being recognized for their implementation efforts by the Midwest PBIS Network. To earn this achievement, schools must meet specific criteria that can be found on the Midwest PBIS Network’s website.

This recognition program encourages schools and districts during the construction of their framework and helps them celebrate progress toward full implementation. As schools continue the work, they will map out how to sustain their previous work and continue to build increasing levels of student supports in additional subject areas until the system is fully in place.

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