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D15 Recognizes Substitute Teacher

Steve Johnson with students

District 15 Recognizes Substitute For Exemplifying “Every Kid Can Learn”

As part of the initiative to support staff wellness and recognition, the Above and Beyond Award was brought back to District 15. Staff who go above and beyond in their work can be nominated by their administrators for this recognition. Through a rubric process, one staff member is selected each month and invited to the Board of Education meeting for recognition. 

Steve Johnson, Substitute for District 15, was selected as the February 2023 Staff Member of the Month for the Above and Beyond recognition following a nomination by Conyers Learning Academy (CLA)’s administrative team. 

Steve Johnson is currently in his third year as a substitute at CLA. He is better known by all students and staff as Mr. J. When nominated, CLA’s administration shared that it is not one thing that Mr. J. has done, but rather his commitment to the students and the ongoing support that he has provided to CLA. Mr. J subs in District 15’s therapeutic day program every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  

The team at CLA knows they can always count on Mr. J. He is consistent, caring, kind, and patient. He has built strong and trusted relationships with both students and staff members. He finds ways to connect with each student individually by learning about what they love and doing it with them. For example, Mr. J has been known to play chess with a 1st grader, race in the hallway with a second grader, or color a picture on the floor with a kindergartener.  He has even gone as far as requesting a Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) training on his own time without compensation to learn how to support our students during challenging moments. Mr. J has become a beloved member of the CLA staff. Every day he exemplifies in his actions the CLA motto that “Every Kid Can Learn”. He never shies away from a challenge and always returns the next day with a smile on his face. District 15 is so appreciative to have substitute teachers like Mr. J. in our district! 

District 15 continues to recruit and train substitute teachers. For more information regarding qualifications to be a substitute or the next steps to apply visit District 15’s website

The photos included were taken during the announcement that Mr. J. was selected and at the recognition at the Board of Education meeting on February 8, 2023.

Steve Johnson at Board of Education meeting