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District 15 Honors Staff Who Have Worked 35+ Years

D15 staff who worked 35+ years

At the May 11 Board meeting, the District celebrated its most veteran staff members! Six staff members have worked for District 15 for more than 35 years, with the most senior staff member clocked in at 42 years!

The Board and members of the audience praised the following staff members for their dedicated service to the students and families of the District:

  • Lynn St. Pierre, Facilities and Operations (35 years)

  • Margie Bucsa, Conyers Learning Academy (38 years)

  • Michael Carmody (38 years)

  • Estelle Torok, Conyers Learning Academy (38 years)

  • Kathy Pope, Transportation (40 years)

  • Dorel Fontagneres, Transportation (42 years)