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Summer can be a busy time, but there is always time for reading if you are a little creative. We are hoping you can “catch” your child reading somewhere comfy or unexpected! We thought it would be fun to collect pictures of staff and students reading over the summer.

Here’s what you need to do: Take a picture of your child or children reading. Be creative if you’d like! It can be while on vacation, at a baseball game, buried in the sand, in the car, while playing soccer...whatever you think. Please email the picture to Mrs. Kessler at anytime over the summer or send a hard copy of the picture to school with your child no later than Wednesday, August 21st. They will be on display in time for Parent Orientation!

You can also post your pictures to social media with #SanbornReads

Join us on Facebook and on Twitter by searching @Sanborntigers

Can’t wait to see what (and where) you are reading!

Happy Reading!

Mrs. Kessler and Mrs. Jenkinson