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National Board Certified Staff

National Board certification provides teachers, social workers, psychologists, speech and language pathologists, as well as occupational and physical therapists an advanced level of knowledge, skills, and training toward excellence in their field. For this reason, National Board Certification is recognized as the “gold standard” for professional educators and has a direct impact on the quality of services received by our students.

To attract and retain the highest quality staff, the District provides a yearly stipend to staff members who hold a current certification. This year we have 58 teachers, 14 social workers, 12 psychologists, 33 speech and language pathologists, and 12 occupational and physical therapists who hold this distinct certification.

At the March 9 Board meeting, the District recognized those staff members who have completed this rigorous process and recently attained or renewed National Board certification. District 15 is thrilled to recognize these educators for their dedication and perseverance in going above and beyond for this advanced certification!

National Board Certified Staff