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District 15 Brings Back Beloved 2-Ball Competition

D15 2-Ball Winners 2022

At District 15’s annual 2-Ball competition, 6th graders compete in a basketball game with two players. Each elementary school has a contest to see which team of two will represent their school at the District competition. The PE teachers begin their school-based competitions at the beginning of February, with the district competition at the end of February! 

Two students have two, one-minute rounds, to compete for different points marked on the basketball court. Teams need to alternate shots with their partners after their shots, and move around the court to the different spots. Spots were worth 2, 3, 4, or 5 points depending on the distance from the basket. They could earn bonus points for attempting shots at each spot, and if they were careful not to travel or double-dribble. Each team received 2 attempts. Both rounds were then added together for their final score. 

It was an exciting and positive event for parents, teachers, administrators, and spectators of the 2-ball competitors. The students put in a lot of time with their intramural coach to practice their basketball skills and work with their partners. 

Congratulations to all of the participants! Awards are given for 1st - 6th place in each division. Here are the winning teams from each division: 

  • Boy’s Small Division: Dylan L. & Christos A. (91 Points)
  • Boy’s Large Division: Adam B. & Dylan Z. (110 Points)
  • Girls Small Division: Katie M. & Jenavieve B. (67 Points)
  • Girls Large Division: Brooklyn Y. & Raegan B. (85 Points)

Congratulations to all of the teams!