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District 15 Celebrates 1,428 8th Grade Graduates

June 7, 2021

District 15 Celebrates 1,428 8th Grade Graduates

Graduating from eighth grade is a true right of passage. Last year, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we were not able to offer a live graduation ceremony, but instead created virtual graduation experiences for students, friends, and their families to enjoy. The ability to get creative and hold graduation ceremonies this year made the celebrations that much more special for our well-deserving graduates. 

District 15 is so very proud to announce the celebrations of 1,428 8th grade graduates! Graduation ceremonies were held as a direct result of our high school partners and the NOW Arena in Hoffman Estates.

Teachers and staff at each ceremony presented awards such as the American Legion Award, the President’s Awards, the Harper College Promise Scholarship Award, and school engagement awards. 

The American Legion Award honors 8th graders with strong qualities of character and good citizenship. The President’s Awards for Academic Achievement and for High Honors recognizes students who receive a 3.5-3.75 GPA or a 3.76-4.00 GPA respectively. The President’s Award for Academic Achievement honors students who have shown significant academic improvement throughout the school year. The Harper Promise Scholarship allows every eligible incoming public high school student in Harper’s district to earn up to two years of tuition at Harper College if they meet the following criteria: maintaining solid grades, having good attendance, graduating on time, and providing service to their community.

WRS Graduation

Walter R. Sundling Junior High School held an outdoor ceremony at Palatine High School for their 365 graduates on Monday, May 24, 2021. Several student presenters shared their favorite memories from their time at WRS. Diplomas were presented to students by Principal Dietz, Dr. Heinz, and Board members Wenda Hunt and Zubair Khan.

WCJH Graduation

Winston Campus Junior High School also held an outdoor ceremony at Palatine High School for 391 graduates on Monday, May 24. Student speakers shared powerful memories from the past two years in which they expressed appreciation for the support they received from their  teachers and staff. Diplomas were presented by Dr. Heinz and Board Member James Taylor.

PGJH Graduation

Plum Grove Junior High School held a ceremony for 412 graduates at the NOW Arena on Tuesday, May 25. This alternate location was required due to the large number of graduates and capacity restrictions. If an alternative space was not secured, the graduating class would have had to be split into two groups or parent participation would have been limited to one ticket for attendance per graduate. Several students played instruments and sang We Are the Chargers. Diplomas were presented by Dr. Heinz and Board Member Samantha Ader.

CSJH Graudation

Carl Sandburg Junior High School held a ceremony for their 251 graduates at Fremd High School on Tuesday, May 25 (RMHS was unavailable). They just beat the rain, but dealt with a lot of wind as students gave speeches and staff presented the awards outlined above. Diplomas were presented by Dr. Kowalczyk and Board Member Frank Annerino.

CLA Graduation with Szczupaj and Warren

Conyers Learning Academy held a ceremony for their 9 graduates at CLA on Tuesday, May 25. Family members of CLA graduates enjoyed a guitar solo performed by a student and a video slideshow. Diplomas were presented by Principal Warren. Dr. Heinz, Assistant Superintendent for Student Services, Ann Scully, and Board President, Lisa Szczupai were there to congratulate students. 

We are so proud of all of our graduates and know they will make District 15 proud as they enter high school.