Health Education


    In District 15, Health curriculum is taught by elementary homeroom teachers and junior high PE/Health teachers. The curriculum is aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards and Illinois State Instructional Mandates. Content and activities are carefully selected for grade-level appropriateness. 

    We have two core curricular resources available for our teachers to use to support our focus on health wellness and safety. Additional resources for junior high students are under review.

    Grades K-8: Online modules available through Health World

    7th-8th grade: Glencoe Teen Health 2014


    Illinois State Goals:

    Understand principles of health promotion and the prevention and treatment of illness and injury.

    • Explain the basic principles of health promotion, illness prevention and safety including how to access valid information, products and services.

    • Describe and explain the factors that influence health among individuals, groups and communities.

    • Explain how the environment can affect health.

    • Describe how to advocate for the health of individuals, families and communities.

    Understand human body systems and factors that influence growth and development.

    • Describe and explain the structure and functions of the human body systems and how they interrelate.

    • Explain the effects of health-related actions on the body systems.

    • Describe factors that affect growth and development.

    • Describe and explain the structures and functions of the brain and how they are impacted by different types of physical activity and levels of fitness.

    Promote and enhance health and well-being through the use of effective communication and decision-making skills.

    • Demonstrate procedures for communicating in positive ways, resolving differences and preventing conflict.

    • Apply decision-making skills related to the protection and promotion of individual, family, and community health.

    • Demonstrate skills essential to enhancing health and avoiding dangerous situations.

    Human Growth and Development:

    Per the Illinois State Instructional Mandates, our health programs cover human growth and development. In grades four and five, content related to adolescence and changes that occur during puberty is introduced through the Health World Digital Curriculum. In grade six, all students are introduced to human growth and development. In junior high, students study communicable and noncommunicable diseases, and ways to reduce risks related to adolescent health problems through the McGraw Hill Glencoe Teen Health program.  Additional resources are currently under review.

    **Parent involvement is essential for the success of this curriculum. Parents may view materials that will be used for instruction and have the option to withdraw their children from this unit of instruction by completing the Opt-Out form yearly. Similarly, before instruction in recognizing and avoiding sexual abuse (Erin’s Law) is included, parents will receive notice at least five days before such instruction begins and may choose to have their child(ren) withdraw from participation.


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