Three Major Areas of Improvement

  • Repair & Restore Facilities
  • Update Learning Spaces
  • Improve Student Transitions

Comprehensive Plan

3. Improve Student Transitions (From Elementary > Junior High > High School)

  • feeder gear

    Align Feeder Patterns with High School Boundaries

    Anticipated benefits:

    • Students attend neighborhood and near-neighborhood schools
    • Neighborhoods move from elementary to junior high and then high school together
    • Improve access to programs and services
    • Reduced travel time on buses
    • Overcrowding would be addressed

Critical Challenges

  • Inconsistent School Feeder Patterns

Anticipated Benefits

  • Improve Student Transitions

    Current feeder pattern

    Proposed feeder pattern revised

    School reconfiguration revised

    Elementary attendance areas revised

    JH-MS Attendance Areas revised