Three Major Areas of Improvement

  • Repair & Restore Facilities
  • Update Learning Spaces
  • Improve Student Transitions

Comprehensive Plan

2. Update Learning Spaces

  • learning space gear

    Classroom and Library Improvements

    Anticipated benefits:

    • Create spaces for full-day kindergarten
      • More time in school improves engagement and outcomes for young learners
    • Establish Middle Schools
      • More time to address needs of adolescent learners
      • Extend time between transitions
    • Update libraries integrate instructional technology and infuse 21st century skills
      • Improve hands-on learning opportunities

Critical Challenges

  • Classroom challenges

Anticipated Benefits

  • Update learning spaces anticipated benefits

    Half-Day and Full-Day Kindergarten Schedule

    Additional benefits of full-day kindergarten

    Additional benefits during formative years

    From Junior Highs to Middle Schools

    proposed improvements at each school