Three Major Areas of Improvement

  • Repair & Restore Facilities
  • Update Learning Spaces
  • Improve Student Transitions

Comprehensive Plan

1. Repair & Restore Facilities

  • repair gearDistrict 15 planned for all school facilities to be repaired, restored, and improved.

    All District 15 school facilities are repaired, restored, and improved.

    Anticipated benefits:

    • Address repairs, maintenance, and site improvement and upgrades
    • Address health, safety, and security needs
    • Improve energy efficiency
    • Enhance accessibility for students, staff, and visitors
    • Prevent costly emergency repairs
    • Extend useful life of school buildings

Critical Challenges

  • Expansive footprint and aging facilities

    Age of Buildings

    Facility Challenges

    Inequitable facility usage

    Inconsistent School Feeder Patterns


Anticipated Benefits

  • Anticipated benefits of repairing and restoring facilities

    Proposed improvements at each D15 school