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  • District 15 Referendum Results:

    YES: 62.67%     |     NO: 37.33%

    District 15 voters overwhelmingly approved a referendum to move our schools and our district forward.

    Thank You For Your Support!


  • Moving 15 Forward

Moving 15 Forward Comprehensive Plan Addresses Three Areas of Improvement

  • District 15 has evolved over the past 20 years and while we are incredibly proud of the work we have done academically, little attention or funding has been given to the operational foundation of the District over those 75 years—our 20 school buildings—and how to most effectively use them to support the academic needs of our uniquely diverse population. As anyone who owns a home would expect, there are safety and maintenance needs across our 20 school buildings.

    During those 20+ years, there were a number of well-intentioned short-term fixes intended to address educational and facility issues. In an effort to save money and quickly fix problems as they occurred, such as overcrowding and increased demand for specific programs, some of these solutions had unintended consequences and created additional challenges over the years.

    The District saw these challenges as opportunities to boldly move our District forward.

    District 15 planned for every student, school, and community to benefit.

    To watch an overview of the plan, please click on the video below.

    The Comprehensive Plan Proposal

    District 15's community approved the Moving 15 Forward Comprehensive Plan in the November 8, 2022 election. Moving 15 Forward is a community-driven plan focused on addressing District 15's highest priority educational and school facility needs. The plan is designed to benefit every student, school, and community the District serves.


Moving 15 Forward (videos)

    We have listened and we have learned ...

    • We have listened and learned ...