• Title (But if using App name, use title Title 2 as the first heading)


    SubH 3

    SubH 4


    Title (But if using App name, use title Title 2 as the first heading)


    SubH 3

    SubH 4


    Use more than one highlight to standout - bold - underline - color

    Link description title: "Login in required to access"

    Title field is good for download instructions or hover information for user

    CCSD15 staffweb website

    Alt text for large info graphic


    If unable to access the dashbaord, please contact __.

    Access to a screen reader? "read aloud" or check with somone who uses one

    Contact Student Services to see if they have one to test on the page.



    Create in Office when possible to use header


    Office - accessibility checker - file - info - inspect for accessibility

    Find issues before posting them


    Google paid ad on - grackle - paid app to fix tables, titles, to make accessibile


    Need to format the original correctly before creating the PDF.


    PDF "best for printing" does not include accessibility tags. You want the tags. Choose "Best for electronic distribution or accessibility" - might be under Word / options. Is usually the default. 


    When exporting from Google, there is no way to have tags included. Unless you use Grackle. Or export to Word, then export to PDF from Word.


    Formatting accessible documents. https://help.blackboard.com/Accessibility/Format_Accessible_Documents


    PowerPoints / Slides - check reading order (in outline view) or using selection pane.


    Videos need the ability to turn captions on. Always go back and edit captions - does take 24 hours for captions to run. But then must be edited for anything posted on the website.


    Readability - use Hemingway Editor.

    Color Contract - WebAim contrast checker. https://webaim.org/resources/contrastchecker/


    Sample site with slideshow and links: 



    4.5 or higher AA compliance on color checker


    If using App Name,
    use H2 as the first title

    Don't search for INACTIVE documents.

    Tell me where the files are located - since Ally appears to know how to replace it.

    Set the language set in PDF