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  • Tom Edgar

    Executive Director of Assessment, Accountability, and Programs
    Thomas Edgar, Ph.D. 
    Phone: 847-963-3106
    E-mail: edgart@ccsd15.net

    Director of Student Information Systems/Principal Support
    Jason Klein, Ph.D.
    Phone: 847-963-3000
    E-mail: kleinj@ccsd15.net

    Secretary (Assessments/Gifted)
    Vanessa Caro
    Phone: 847-963-3114
    E-mail: carov@ccsd15.net

    Assistant Director of Research and Systems / Psychologist Coordinator
    Laura Swanlund, Ph.D.
    Phone: 847-963-3147
    E-mail: swanlunl@ccsd15.net

    Socio-Emotional Learning Coordinator
    Kelly Maher
    Phone: 847-963-3047
    E-mail: maherk@ccsd15.net

    Principal Coach
    Mike Carmody
    Phone: 847-963-3000
    E-mail: carmodym@ccsd15.net