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    The assistant superintendent for teaching and learning has administrative responsibility for the instructional services of the district and daily operation of schools. She also supervises the department's directors. In addition, she chairs the Curriculum Advisory Committee, and coordinates and chairs leadership team meetings.


    The Department of Instructional Services is responsible for the development, implementation, instructional technology support, and assessment of the district's instructional program. The department's major goal is to provide support to the schools, enabling staff to implement and refine the district's educational program. This goal is accomplished through service to the buildings with the department acting as a resource and clearinghouse. Services of the department include curriculum development, instructional material development and adoptions, instructional strategies, student assessment, staff development, technology applications, and specialized programs (academically talented and gifted program, Multilingual Programs, Title I reading services, etc.).

    Our schools offer a variety of educational opportunities and support programs for all students. The basic curriculum is aligned to the new Illinois Learning Standards (incorporating the Common Core Standards) and the District 15 Student Performance Targets

    Curriculum Adoption

    Starting in 2020 and moving forward, all curricular standards and program resources will follow a Research, Design Implementation Model (RDIM). During this cycle, volunteer teams of teachers, specialists, and administrators review content standards, program resources, professional learning to implement new resources, and also collaborate in discussion on how best to serve our D15 students’ needs and align to our District’s instructional vision.

    In 2021, District 15 engaged in three different pilot projects (K-5 Math, 6-8 Science, and 7-8 English Language Arts), and implemented a new 6th grade math curriculum. 

    On April 13, 2022, Dr. Schnoor, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning; Robyn Cook, Director of Curriculum; and Emily McFadden, Director of Curriculum, presented information on the K-5 math, 6-8 Science, and 7-8 English/Language Arts (ELA) curriculum pilot and professional development plan and related adoption. District 15 continues to move forward with its Research, Design, Improve, and Monitor/Modify (RDIM) system, which directs how we structure our collaborative, yet comprehensive curriculum review process. Specifically, this multi-year plan ensures we review current offerings, research best practices, pilot materials, and adopt a new curricular resource while also providing job-embedded learning and feedback cycles to engage staff and monitor progress.

    CCSD15 Curriculum Objections

    Parents/guardians have the right to inspect any instructional material used as part of their child's educational curriculum pursuant to School Board policy 7:15, Student and Family Privacy Rights.

    Persons who believe that curriculum, instructional materials, or programs violate rights guaranteed by any law or Board policy should file a complaint using Board policy 2:260, Uniform Grievance Procedure. Persons with all other suggestions or complaints about curriculum, instructional materials, or programs should complete a Curriculum Objection form. A parent/guardian may request that his/her child be exempt from using a particular instructional material or program by completing a Curriculum Objection form. 

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