Welcome to Lake Louise School!

  • Jennifer Seoane Thank you for your interest in Lake Louise School, the school home to over 750 pre-school, kindergarten through sixth-grade students.

    At Lake Louise we are student-centered and celebrate the diversity among all of us. We have very experienced staff members who choose to teach at Lake Louise because of their commitment to excellence in education and their dedication to helping each child reach their highest potential.

    Our PBIS system (Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports) was recognized as one of the strongest in the Midwest region. Through this system we celebrate positive interactions between students and staff, and we celebrate our connections with each other.  We have five mindsets at Lake Louise: empathy, optimism, persistance, reslience, and flexibility.  These mindsets are research based and help students grow their social emotional skills as well as be successful in all their school endeavors.

    At Lake Louise we value student leadership, minds-on learning, positive social interactions, good citizenship, academic rigor, and happiness. Every student at Lake Louise becomes our “favorite,” and we cherish the time that we have with them; helping them reach new potentials both academically and socially.

    Lake Louise is a very special place to teach and learn and we are proud to be a part of this amazing community.


    Jennifer Seoane