About District 15

  • Community Consolidated School District 15 is the second largest elementary district in Illinois, serving a diverse population of all or part of seven northwest suburban communities: Palatine, Rolling Meadows, Hoffman Estates, Inverness, South Barrington, Arlington Heights, and Schaumburg. The district consists of approximately 35 square miles, with a population of 119,054 (2010).

    Our Schools

    District 15 has fifteen elementary schools, four junior high schools, and one preschool early childhood center and alternative public day school. Click here for a list of schools.

    Building Locations

    CCSD15 Building Locations

    Our Students

    The district has an enrollment of more than 12,800 pre-kindergarten through eighth-grade students. Students come from diverse socioeconomic and ethnic/cultural backgrounds.

    • 42.2% Low-Income (Low-income students come from families receiving public aid; live in institutions for neglected or delinquent children; are supported in foster homes with public funds; or are eligible to receive free or reduced-price lunches.)
    • 20.5% English Learners (Students eligible for bilingual educatioin.)
    • 12.3% IEP (Students who receive special education services through an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).)
    • 8.5% Mobility Rate (Mobility rate is based on the number of times students enroll in or leave a school during the school year.)

    District data shows that more than 70 languages or dialects are spoken in the homes of our students.

    Student ethnicity:

    • 42.9% White
    • 35.4% Hispanic
    • 15.8% Asian
    • 03.4% Black
    • 00.3% American Indian
    • 00.1% Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
    • 02.1% Two or more races

    Our Mission

    The mission of Community Consolidated School District 15 is:

    “To produce world-class learners by building a connected learning community.”

    Producing world-class learners in today’s complex and fast-paced world is the single most important responsibility of the district. Schools, teachers, administrators, and support staff work together to ensure that all students enrolled in district schools receive the highest quality of educational opportunities that will not only enable them to meet or exceed state standards, but also will position them for success in future educational and career endeavors.

    Our Staff

    The district currently employs 2,088 staff (which include 883 certified teachers, 60 administrators, 815 classified staff, and 330 substitute teachers). This includes teachers who average 13 years of teaching experience; 78 percent of teachers hold master’s degrees and above; and 73 teachers are certified by the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards, the highest teaching credential available.


    Our Finances

    The FY2017 Budget: $151,355,821


    • Educational—80.54%
    • Tort Immunity—0.82%
    • Operations/Maintenance—7.38%
    • Transportation—6.12%
    • IMRF/Social Security—3.65%
    • Capital Projects—1.49%

    Revenue Sources:

    • Local—80.60%
    • State—13.09%
    • Federal—6.31%

    FY2016 Operating Expenditure Per Pupil—$12,896.14

    FY2015 Total Equalized Assessed Value—$3,047,081,719

    Our Community

    District 15 works to build a connected learning community to enhance our students’ success. The district works closely with parents and other community members, PTA/PTSAs, senior citizens, area businesses, service organizations, and local governments. Our schools are fortunate to have strong community support—in one year, more than 10,000 volunteers contributed more than 160,000 hours of service in the schools.

    Our Performance

    • District 15 student test scores consistently exceed state averages on the Illinois Standards Assessment Test (ISAT). For the most recent ISAT results from a particular school, see the Illinois State Report Cards. Reading and math tests are administered to third- through eighth-grade students; science tests are administered to fourth- and seventh-grade students; and writing tests are administered to third-, fifth-, sixth-, and eighth-grade students.
    • Nine of the district’s schools have been individually recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as No Child Left Behind—Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence:
      • Hunting Ridge (1998-99)
      • Pleasant Hill (2004 and 2001)
      • Thomas Jefferson (2000-01)
      • Frank C. Whiteley (2003)
      • Marion Jordan (2005)
      • Willow Bend (2007)
      • Plum Grove Junior High (1997-98)
      • Walter R. Sundling Junior High (1994-96)
      • Carl Sandburg Junior High (1999-2000)
    • In 2003, School District 15 became only the third school district in the nation to win the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award presented by the U.S. Department of Commerce. The prestigious award is the nation’s highest honor for quality and performance excellence.
    • A number of District 15 schools have been designated No Excuses University (NEU) schools, part of a network of K-8 schools across the nation dedicated to aggressively promoting college readiness for all students and universal academic achievement.
      • Central Road
      • Frank C. Whiteley
      • Gray M. Sanborn
      • Lake Louise
      • Lincoln
      • Stuart R. Paddock
      • Virginia Lake
      • Willow Bend
      • Winston Campus Elementary
      • Winston Campus Junior High
    • Six District 15 schools have been recognized by the 2012 Illinois Honor Roll with an Academic Excellence Award:
      • Hunting Ridge School (2005-2012)
      • Marion Jordan School (2004-2012)
      • Pleasant Hill School (2004-2012)
      • Plum Grove Junior High (2007-2012)
      • Frank C. Whiteley School (2004 and 2008-2012)
      • Willow Bend School (2010-2012)
      • (Walter R. Sundling Junior High was awarded in 2010-2011)
    • Three District 15 schools were named Illinois Spotlight Schools in 2011. Those schools are:
      • Lake Louise School (2007, 2011)
      • Virginia Lake School (2011)
      • Winston Campus Junior High (2010-2011) (Winston Campus Junior High received an Academic Improvement Award in 2006)

    Transportation Services

    • District 15 operates its own bus fleet, one of the largest district-owned bus fleets in Illinois with 138 buses. The district’s bus drivers and bus assistants safely transport more than 10,500 parochial and public school children each day.
    • District buses travel approximately 1.5 million miles annually.
    • To maintain the highest safety levels possible, every year approximately 250 tires are replaced on district buses, and two state inspections are performed on each bus. The district uses approximately 220,000 gallons of fuel yearly.

    School Nutrition Services

    • School Nutrition Services has a staff nearly 70 full- and part-time employees working in 19 locations throughout the district.
    • These employees were responsible for preparing, driving, and serving more than 1,272,000 meals in 2009-10—more than 7,300 meals per day!
    • The average health department inspection score for District 15 kitchens is a 98 out of a possible 100.
    • Meals served in both the breakfast and lunch programs meet or exceed federal and state guidelines. When averaged over 5 days, our lunches contain less than 30 percent calories from fat and less than 10 percent calories from saturated fat. These meals also exceed recommended amounts of calcium, iron, and vitamins A and C.

    Environmental Services

    • Nearly 1.4 million square feet of floor space are cleaned and maintained every day.
    • Twenty parking lots and play areas are plowed after every snowstorm.
    • Approximately 76 acres of grass are mowed seasonally.
    • Recycling efforts are under way at all facilities.


Generations of Excellence

  • Generations of ExcellenceGenerations of Excellence, a history of Community Consolidated School District 15 from 1946–2016, celebrating 70 years, represents a tapestry of time, woven from the fabric of our children, parents, educators, and communities. Rich in the diverse threads of the past, District 15 continues to build on the solid foundations of a community which places a high value on the quality education of its children. This proud history celebrates not only past generations of excellence, but also those to come.

    A special thanks goes to Joseph M. Kiszka who accumulated much of the historical data. His commitment provides inspiration for the District 15 community to maintain its history for future generations. While the facts and statistics were carefully researched, there is still much to be added and learned. We encourage others to continue the work of documenting this important part of our community’s history.

    For more information about Community Consolidated School District 15, please call 847-963-3000.