Welcome to the Board of Education

  • Board of Education members

Function of the Board of Education

  • The main function of the Board of Education is to adopt goals and policies that meet state requirements and reflect community needs. The Board carries out this function by:

    • Hiring and evaluating the Superintendent of Schools.
    • Authorizing employment of staff members and setting salaries.
    • Setting educational standards and goals and monitoring district performance.
    • Authorizing curriculum development and revision.
    • Adopting and monitoring a budget sufficient to carry out district goals.
    • Establishing districtwide policies.

March 11, 2020 BOE Meeting

  • Board of Education
    Lisa Szczupaj, President
    Frank J. Annerino, Vice President
    Anthony Wang, Secretary
    Samantha Ader
    Wenda Hunt
    Zubair Khan
    Michael Smolka

    Superintendent of Schools
    Laurie Heinz, Ed.D.