Welcome to to the Board of Education

Community Consolidated School District 15

  • Board of Education members

Function of the Board of Education

  • The main function of the Board of Education is to adopt goals and policies that meet state requirements and reflect community needs. The Board carries out this function by:

    • Hiring and evaluating the Superintendent of Schools.
    • Authorizing employment of staff members and setting salaries.
    • Setting educational standards and goals and monitoring district performance.
    • Authorizing curriculum development and revision.
    • Adopting and monitoring a budget sufficient to carry out district goals.
    • Establishing districtwide policies.


  • Board of Education
    Lisa Szczupaj, President
    Michael Smolka, Vice President
    Anthony Wang, Secretary
    Frank J. Annerino
    David Border
    Barbara A. Kain
    Zubair Khan

    Superintendent of Schools
    Scott B. Thompson, Ed.D.

Board of Education Meeting - October 3, 2018

Strategic Planning Process

March 9, 2018