Welcome to Gray M. Sanborn School!

  • Erika Johansen At Sanborn, we support our school district’s mission statement “To produce World Class Learners by building a connected learning community.” We further believe that “Every student matters; every moment counts.” It is our earnest and sincere hope that every student and family feels the effects of this motto each time they walk through our front doors. 

    At Gray M. Sanborn, parents, staff, students, and the community will work collaboratively to provide a safe learning environment that teaches academics, responsibility, respect, and accountability.

    Through that mission, students will demonstrate:

    • High levels of academic growth.
    • Perseverance and application of problem-solving skills.
    • Responsible academic and social behavior.
    • Respectable behavior by doing no harm to self, others, and community.
    • Appreciation for diversity.

    Students at Sanborn lead, learn, and live within the context of these five pillars through a common core aligned K-6 instructional program that includes participation in the visual arts, fine arts, physical education and music. Sanborn also serves as the home to a robust bilingual (Spanish) program and English Language Learner support for non-native English speaking students. Sanborn is also home to the M.I.L.E. (Modified Instructional Learning Environment) program for primary and intermediate students with multiple additional educational needs. We are also excited to host three of the district’s ECDEC (Early Childhood Developmental Enrichment Center) classrooms.

    A great school begins with great kids, and the students of Sanborn continue to demonstrate that there is no shortage of respectful, caring, and well behaved students in our school. A key component of the student experience at Gray M. Sanborn School is to learn within a safe, caring, and orderly learning environment. As a result, we will continue to utilize the already embedded P.B.I.S. (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support) system. PBIS is a systems approach to proactive school-wide expectations for all students, providing both staff and students a clear approach to problem-solving and through the use of data for decision-making. This serves as the basis for Sanborn’s “Tiger Traits”—Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Safe. PBIS provides Sanborn teachers and students with school-wide guidelines and norms that define, teach, remind, celebrate, and correct student behavioral expectations. Just recently, our school has earned the “Platinum” level of recognition by the  Illinois PBIS Network for the academic and behavioral supports we have in place for our students.

    We are proud of Gray M. Sanborn School’s legacy in the community and the role that this school has played in the lives of thousands of students dating back to 1948, cherishing the opportunity to be a part of this generation’s journey. Personally, I am very proud to be leading the school where I began my career 20 years ago. If you would like more information about Sanborn School, please call the school office at 847-963-7000.


    Erika Johansen, Principal
    Gray M. Sanborn School