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     Check Requests  

    • To request a reimbursement or a check to be paid directly to a vendor, please download or print the form.  Fill out the HR PTA Check Request Form completely and have the committee chairperson sign (if not you).
    • Email digital copies of completed HR PTA Check Request Form AND supporting receipts/invoices to hrptatreasurer1105@gmail.com (you may scan or take pictures with phone) or arrange physical delivery.
    • Please turn in requests as soon as possible after an expense is incurred to ensure monthly reporting reflects the most accurate figures.


     Deposits and Check Listings 

    • To turn in a deposit, please download or print the HR PTA Deposit Voucher Form AND the Itemized Check Listing Form (if you have checks) being sure to fill out the form(s) completely. You may use either the .pdf or the excel versions of the Itemized Check Listing form, whichever is easier for you.
    • Please contact hrptatreasurer1105@gmail.com to make arrangements for physical delivery.
    • Please utilize online payment methods whenever possible.  This can be done either through direct payments to a vendor, our School Store, via Square or PayPal.  However, if you do have a cash/check deposit, please turn it in as soon as possible. Stale checks are more likely to bounce/NSF, which causes unwanted bank fees. Multiple deposits can be made per event/committee, you do NOT need to wait for all of your collections to make a timely deposit of those you have.  

    Please reach out if you need help with forms, need to make arrangements for delivery, or have any other questions: hrptatreasurer1105@gmail.com


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