Excess Fund
  • Excess Funds Request

    Quick Start: Excess Funds Request

    What is Excess Funds?  Once the PTA Budget for the school year is approved and the fall fundraising figures are finalized, we can determine with reasonable confidence if there will be an overage for the year, known as “Excess Funds.”

    Excess Funds requests can be for a wide variety of projects that enhance the educational environment, academic growth or social/emotional development of our students and teachers/staff.  While preference will be given to requests that offer school-wide access, all proposals that benefit an individual classroom, grade level or other subset of our school community will be considered.  

    See a need, have an idea?  Submit a request!

    Past examples include: Risers for the Music Department, One Book One School, Wireless Microphones for Music Performances/Assemblies/Talent Show/Opera/etc., Race Clock, Outdoor Recess Games, and numerous others.  


    1. Requestor completes the Excess Funds Request form (a separate form for each request)
    2. The Excess Funds Committee will review the request for content, appropriateness and determine if alternate funding sources are available.
    3. Requestors will be notified if additional details are needed.
    4. The Excess Funds Committee will present fully vetted requests to PTA membership at the next scheduled meeting.  
    5. A motion must be made and seconded, and then be approved with a 2/3 vote of quorum.
    6. After the PTA meeting, requestors will be notified of the outcome.
    7. If approved, the requestor can purchase the items (within the approved amount).
    8. Use the Sales Tax Exempt Certificate wherever possible, as the PTA does not reimburse for sales tax.
    9. For reimbursement, complete a HR PTA Check Request Form and submit along with all receipts and a copy of the approved Excess Funds Request Form.