• Haunting Ridge PTA Pumpkin Contest 2020


    Thank you to the over 100 students who participated!


    And the Winners are: 


    Lindsey E (K): Sofia the First

    Sofia the First


    Liam R (1st): Bat-cape



    Charlotte B (2nd): Witchy



    Char'Ziyah R (3rd): Pumpkin B. Jones

    Pumpkin B. Jones


    Jaden S (4th): Scary Pumpkin

    Scary Pumpkin


    Caitlyn S (5th): Vampire Sally

    Vampire Sally


    Sia M (6th): Cinderella Carriage-Cece

    Cinderella Carriage-Cece


    Congrats to the winners! Look for pictures of the winning pumpkins to be showcased in the 20-21 Hunting Ridge yearbook. 


    Honorable Mentions: 


    Nariman S (K):  Funny Kevin

    Adrija S (2nd):  Pumpellow

    Alexandra D (2nd) & Esenia G (3rd): Clyde & Bonnie Spider, 

    Sofia B (3rd): SpongeBob Square Pants

    Noah R (3rd): Spider White

    Alex B (4th): Jack-O-Rex

    Josie C (4th): Big Baby Bat

    Drew H (4th): Silly Cookie Monster

    Taylor M (4th): Nightmare Before Christmas

    Tanmay S (5/6): Jack-o-Copter

    Natalie M (6th): Nice Nemo

    Emma S (6th): The Hungry Mummy


    Take a look at all of the wonderfully creative submissions!

     View on Kudoboard here: https://www.kudoboard.com/boards/kvZaDuzJ#view 

    Pumpkin Kudo Board