About the COVID-19 Dashboard


    The COVID-19 Dashboard was developed to provide information about the impact of COVID-19 in our school communities. 

    • New Cases: Only new cases for students or staff who attend school in person are noted in these fields. Ater a student/staff tests positive, they will be placed in the exclusion continuation category until quarantine is over. 
    • Staff/Students Excluded (exposure within the school/District): New instances of quarantine OR classroom closure due to exposure in a D15 facility will be noted here. 
    • Staff/Students Exclusion Continuation (exposure within the school/District): Following the first day a student/staff member is quarantined OR classroom is closed due to exposure within the District, they will be listed in this field.

    Categories for staff illness and quarantine due to outside exposure were removed on October 14 due to difficulty gathering fully accurate data. 

    This dashboard will be updated daily, and show two weeks of data at a time.