• Reflections


    I Matter Because

     2020-2021 Reflections Call for Entries:

  • For additional details, please review the Cover Letter 


    Final student entry form and artwork are due by Friday, October 23rd. 

    Please submit completed entry forms and art work to jkcharles151@gmail.com

    Be sure to pay attention to the artist’s statement on the entry form as it will help the judges
    understand the thinking behind your idea.

    If you have any questions, please contact:  Kristie Charles at jkcharles151@gmail.com or
    Lesley Daniel at lesleydaniel1718@gmail.com

    For visual art, literature and photography, students who submit the artwork will have to do the
    work all by themselves. 

    For dance choreography, film production and music composition, the student who submits the
    artwork must be the one who creates the artwork, however, they can have others or a group of
    people perform for them.  The person who submits the entry will be the one who receives
    recognition for his or her work.  Only one person can be on the student entry form.