• Reflections


    I Matter Because


    Congratulations to the following Hunting Ridge students who will have their REFLECTIONS PROJECTS submitted to the COUNCIL LEVEL:


    Literature LITERATURE


    Anya S (5th): I Matter Because I Can Make A Difference
    Colin F (4th): Super Service #3
    Nysa T (4th): We All Matter!!!!
    Sahana I (6th): The Joy Of Music
    Serena P (5th): Serena Reflective Essay


    Visual Arts VISUAL ARTS

    Arhana V (4th): Innocence is Beautiful
    Kaylin P (K): I Matter To Jack
    Lily S (6th): I Matter Because of What's in My Heart
    Nikita M (3rd): Visual Arts


    Photography PHOTOGRAPHY

    Caitlin C (4th): Selfie Split
    Joyce S (5th): I Matter Because I have Girl Power!
    Liam F (2nd): Droid Trials
    Sahana I (6th): The Magical Violin
    Seamus F (K): Monstrous Fort