• Create/Confirm Your MemberHub Account


    I need to create my account?

    Create Account

    • Follow the prompts to create a password and access your account
    • Check your inbox and click the link in the confirmation email to create a password

    Create a password and you’re all set.

    To reset your password

    • Go to https://hr-pta.memberhub.com/
    • Click the I forgot my password link
    • Enter in your primary email for MemberHub
    • Click the Send Confirmation button
    • Check your inbox and click the link in the confirmation email to reset your password

    I’m not sure if I have an account

    • First, try following the instructions to reset your password (see above)
      • Be sure to try all email addresses you may have used when you joined or renewed
    • Next, try following the instructions to Create My Account (see above) 

    If you aren’t able to create your account or login to MemberHub, please contact:  hrptamembership@gmail.com

  • Manage Your MemberHub Account, Profile & Visibility

    Edit Your Profile, Your Family and Your Account

    In MemberHub you will find your profile and your family's profile in the top right-hand corner under your name/picture. You also have an account with MemberHub.com which consists of your login credentials and a few other global settings.


    Under Your Profile you can:

    • Upload a photo/avatar of yourself by clicking on Change Picture
    • Edit Family in the link on the right
    • Edit Profile including basic information, display name, option to receive text message notifications and option to receive Main Calendar email and/or text reminders 
    • Adjust Profile Visibility to control what parts of your profile are visible (see below for detailed instructions). 


    Under Your Family you can:

    • Add a Family Member
    • Delete A Family Member 
    • Change a Family Members Role (Child, Adult, Other)
    • Update the Family's Profile picture

    To complete these tasks:

    • Click on an existing family member to Edit Profile.

      • Edit Basic information such as name, email and phone number 
      • Adjust Notification Options
      • Adjust Main Calendar email and/or text reminders
      • Adjust Profile Visibility (see below for detailed instructions)
      • IMPORTANT:  For your Child profile(s) be sure to update the Grade and Teacher fields

    Under Your Account you can:

    • Manage your email addresses
    • Change your password
    • Change your notification preferences
    • Edit your time zone

    Under Switch Organizations

    • You can go back and forth between organizations in which you have a profile.  Simply click the organization name you would like to visit and you will see that organizations Member Hub.  For example, you belong to both the Hunting Ridge PTA and the Plum Grove PTSA.  

    Adjust Your Profile Visibility & Your Family Profile Visibility

    Adjust Visibility


    To adjust your profile visibility:

    • Click Your Profile Picture on the top right-hand corner of the page.
    • Click My Profile under the drop-down menu. 
    • Then click Adjust Profile Visibility in the middle.
    • You will then see a pop-up. Uncheck the fields you want to hide on your profile and click Save Settings.

    To adjust profile visibility for family members:

    • Click Your Profile Picture on the top right-hand corner of the page.
    • Click Your Family under the drop-down menu. 
    • Click on the name of the applicable family member.
    • Click Adjust Profile Visibility in the middle
    • You will then see a pop-up. Uncheck the fields you want to hide on your profile and click Save Settings.


    For example: if someone does not want their mailing address, phone number, and birthday listed in the online school directory, they will be able to uncheck any one of those profile fields and remove them from the directory as well as member listings. Only the Administrator for the account will be able to view the information.