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  • What is MemberHub?

    MemberHub is an online tool that makes PTA'ing easier.  Hunting Ridge PTA uses MemberHub to bring you into our school community and keep you informed and engaged with what is happening.

    Is MemberHub new?

    It’s actually NOT new.  Hunting Ridge PTA has been using MemberHub for several years to report and submit membership information, dues and other important PTA business to our local council and region, as well as to the Illinois PTA and National PTA organizations.

    Why is the membership process different this year?

    This year we are rolling out MemberHub directly to our members.  This allows for the entire membership process to be completed on-line and puts you in the driver’s seat.  Once you renew or join through our online School Store, you’ll receive an e-mail inviting you to create/manage your MemberHub account, complete/update your profile and add family member information including your student’s grade and teacher.  You can also control if and what information will be visible in our Members Only online PTA Directory.  See detailed instructions here. 

    How will Hunting Ridge PTA be using MemberHub?

    For the 2020-2021 school year, we are starting off with three key features of MemberHub

    • Online School Store:  The School Store allows us to offer not only offer Memberships but also Donations and other on-line purchases.  No more writing checks or sending multiple payment envelopes for different PTA items.  (Note:  some items will still be purchased directly from our 3rd party vendors.  See the School Store page for details.)  
    • Membership:  By putting our members in the driver’s seat when renewing or joining this year, membership data is immediately updated in the system and eliminates any data entry errors.  It also allows members to update, edit and manage their account, profile and family information anytime.
    • PTA Directory:  The online PTA Directory is exclusive to PTA members.  Student(s) information can be added to your family profile, including grade and teacher information so you can connect with families and students easily.

    What else can MemberHub do?

    There are a lot of features and benefits available on the MemberHub platform. In addition to the above, we can also utilize its other features/functions to connect our PTA membership: 

    • Shop Giveback offers in the School Store
    • Sign up for volunteer time slots or needed items and receive reminders
    • Receive emails and/or texts with communications from all levels of your school
    • Share files and photos in a secure environment
    • Utilize the school calendar and receive event reminders
    • Fundraising Platform for “a-thons”, events, auctions and more
    • Install the MemberHub app on your smartphone for info on the go

    What MemberHub features/functionality will Hunting Ridge PTA implement next?

    • Givebacks will be the next feature we plan to offer

    Beyond that, we will look to see where we can leverage other features/functionality from MemberHub to provide more tools to our membership making it easier to stay connected.  In some cases, we may already have a tool in place, so we will weigh the benefits of each to determine the best option going forward and plan for a seamless transition.

    Thanks!  And welcome to MemberHub!

    Any questions or need assistance, please contact hrptamembership@gmail.com