Curriculum and Instruction

  • Curriculum and Instruction

    The virtual environment is different from a traditional classroom in the way students interact with their teacher, content and engage in learning. However, the curriculum and outcomes for learning are the same for all students.

    In the virtual environment the day consists of a flexible blend of live direct instruction, group work, and independent self-paced learning. In school instructional minutes are focused on seat-time and time in class. 

    In the virtual environment, interaction with content is more fluid, therefore, student’s time spent on certain types of activities may look different.  Both in person and virtual learning will focus on completion of learning targets and rigorous learning opportunities.


    Assessments, such as the MAP test, will still occur for students enrolled in District 15’s virtual learning option. Students in grades 2 through 8 will take the MAP Test twice this school year. MAP assesses a student’s basic reading and math achievement. Virtual learning students will take the MAP test with a Chromebook at home (or where they complete their learning activities). Test results will be provided to parents via email.

    The District is waiting on guidance for state-required tests like the Illinois Assessment of Readiness, KIDS, and The Illinois Science Assessment.