Daily Schedule

  • Daily Schedule

    The school day in the virtual learning cohorts will align with the school day in the in-person classroom. Flexibility for how delivery of instruction will look is key. The instructional timing each day will follow the same allocations of time for each content area. In-person school includes scheduled blocks of time for different subjects, transitions, and breaks for lunch and play and the virtual environment will allow for these as well. Students in grades 1-8 can expect to participate in an average of 2.5 hours of live instruction and 2.5 hours of independent learning daily. PreK and Kindergarten students will have about 60-90 minutes of live instruction and 90 minues of independent learning daily. 

    What are Morning Check-ins?

    Morning check-ins will take place daily via a live virtual meeting and are 10 to 20 minutes long. 

    • Students are expected to be on time and attend everyday. 
    • Attendance will be taken and recorded in Infinite Campus.
    • The goals of morning check-ins include:
    • Establish goals and expectations for the day
      • Build community in the classroom and fulfill children’s need to belong, feel significant and have fun
      • Build trust and set a positive tone for learning
      • Merge social and academic learning

    How will I know what my child's schedule is?

    Students will log into either Google Classroom OR Seesaw each day to view the day's schedule and access learning activities. Some of the day's activities might be live, so its important to pay attention to the meeting/activity links and times provided in the daily schedule. Additionally, the teacher will review the schedule during the morning meeting.