•  Parents - here are a few ways you can support learning at home...

    • Check the Virtual Learning Website at regularly for updates, news, and strategies for supporting your child.
    • Set aside a calm, quiet, distraction-free space for your child to work every day.
    • Ensure students have all of their equipment and materials ready throughout the day and are ready to learn.
    • Help your child create a plan to manage their schedules and work expectations.
    • Respect the boundaries of the virtual classroom. We are building student agency, independence, and ownership of their learning.
    • Engage with your child(ren) regarding their school work and mindset regarding school.

    GoGuardian Information for Parents

    In order to help keep students safer online during virtual learning, District 15 has adopted GoGuardian Teacher - an instructional delivery, classroom management and community building tool. It helps keep students on task and helps teachers stay connected to students wherever they learn.  

    Please review this letter to learn more about this powerful learning engagement tool.