Virtual Learning in District 15

  • Welcome to the 2020-21 School Year!

    This Virtual Learning website is a resource for parents and students to support you as you learn in a virtual environment. It will continue to grow and be updated regularly with news and other resources in order continuously promote student success.

    What is Virtual Learning?

    • A community of learners who meet and learn with their peers and teacher online
    • A place where students connect, build relationships, feel significant, and have fun
    • A structured learning environment that balances live (synchronous) teacher meetings and direct instruction with independent learning (asynchronous) activities
    • A vehicle for delivering intentionally designed instruction where students gain a deeper understanding of knowledge and skills
    • A variety of  dynamic learning activities, that promote student growth, engagement and student agency
    • A collaborative team of educators working to support students and families
    • A robust, technology-supported environment that is accessible by all students