News from the Health Office

  • School Nurse

    Health Office Staff

    The Marion Jordan School Nurse, Ms. Sherin Thomas, is at school each school day. She can be reached in multiple ways. We are also pleased to introduce Ms. Hanna Brown, our school nurse health aide. Feel free to contact either Nurse Thomas or Aide Brown in the following ways:

    Health Forms Due

    All required medical, dental and vision forms are due by October 15th. As a reminder, the following are required documents for students.
    • Kindergarten - physicals, updated immunization records, dental, and vision exams
    • 6th grade - physicals, updated immunization records, and dental exams
    • New students - physicals, updated immunization records, and vision exams

    **Please note that not having dental and vision exams records on file is not exclusionary.**

    Both Ms. Thomas and Ms. Brown have been calling and emailing with reminders. Please note that failure to provide the necessary records by October 15 will result in school exclusion until the records are updated. This is applicable to both in-person and virtual learners. Please let us know if we can provide a resource or help in any way.

    Certification Lanyards

    Our entry process is in full swing. Multiple staff members are eagerly greeting and welcoming our in-person students as they arrive. Buses have been on time and students have been great about presenting their lanyard and offering their forehead for a temperature check. THANK YOU for considering the certification questions daily and signing off on the certification cards. In the event your student does not have his/her card, or your student's card is not signed, we will call a parent/guardian to verify health over the phone.

    Protected Health Space

    The symptoms of COVID are numerous and can be indicative of many things. We are, however, taking every precaution to keep any staff member or student presenting with symptoms including headache, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of taste or smell, chills, body aches,fever, or sore throat, separate from the general school population. Individuals reporting the onset of any of these symptoms during the school day are provided care in our protected health space. The protected health space is separate from the nurse's office and offers a comfortable, yet sterile space in which treatment can be given and/or care rendered.