The Library

  • Growing a passion for reading, accessing and analyzing information, inspiring curiosity and imagination, and acquiring in-demand skills ... these are the actions that allow our students to become thoughtful and engaged citizens equipped to navigate a world full of increasingly complex information.  

    girls reading in libraray

    The goal of the library is to prepare students for school, career and life; and take learning to a place that is authentically connected to the world outside of school.

    Librarian Innovation Teachers foster student agency, demonstrate a commitment to modern literacy, and work effectively to teach students to think critically about the world around them. 

    Library resources include collections that represent a wide range of perspectives, cultures, interests and information; digital learning tools; and STEM/Makerspace materials. 

    District 15's school library collections are, and have always been, viewable to District 15 students and their parents/guardians. Each school year, students are taught how to access the online library catalog system, Destiny Discover. Students use their clever badge to access their school's library collection. Parents may also access their child’s library collection with their children. If a parent experiences difficulty finding their school’s library collection link, please contact your school's librarian for assistance.

    Our library spaces are being renovated with new shelving, flexible seating, paint and lighting. As of this school year, fifteen out of twenty libraries have been completed.

    Library Media Resource Objection
    The District’s Instructional and Library Program supports the rights and responsibilities regarding free speech both written and oral. This is balanced with ensuring that each material's voice and content is aligned with the developmental understandings and perspectives of students. Consistent with Board Policy 6:230, Library Media Program, parents of directly affected students may complete the Library Complaint Form to express a concern regarding the appropriateness of particular material which students may choose to engage with/read. Teachers/librarians will not remove any books or library materials without District Office approval.