The Library

  • Growing a passion for reading, accessing and analyzing information, inspiring curiosity and imagination, and acquiring in-demand skills ... these are the actions that allow our students to become thoughtful and engaged citizens equipped to navigate a world full of increasingly complex information.  

    girls reading in libraray

    The goal of the library is to prepare students for school, career and life; and take learning to a place that is authentically connected to the world outside of school.

    Librarian Innovation Teachers foster student agency, demonstrate a commitment to modern literacy, and work effectively to teach students to think critically about the world around them. 

    Library resources include collections that represent a wide range of perspectives, cultures, interests and information; digital learning tools; and STEM/Makerspace materials. 

    Our library spaces are being renovated with new shelving, flexible seating, paint and lighting. As of this school year, nine out of twenty libraries have been completed.