PTA is no longer just a noun, it’s a verb – a call to action in supporting your student’s success.  It’s an invitation to every family/household in every school to participate because we can do more TOGETHER than we can do apart.  



    For questions regarding membership, please contact: HRPTAMembership@gmail.com

  • It's a Fact: Kids Do Better When Parents are Engaged in Their Learning

    Why join PTA? Hear from parents just like you who have gotten involved with their child's school, their child's education and the education of everyone in their community by joining a local PTA in the video below:

  • With schools facing challenges like shrinking budgets and lack of educational equity, PTA is more important than ever.

    The PTA provides programs on strengthening family-school partnerships, and free resources for members on issues and areas such as STEM and health & safety.

    Be a part of a powerful association than can advocate on behalf of children and educators at the local, state, and national levels.