• Bylaws govern an organization’s operations and contain the basic rules relating principally to itself as an association.

    PTA bylaws outline the basic purpose of PTA, lists basic policies of the PTA association and provides a structure for how the PTA association is set up and operates. The bylaws also provide information on PTA officer and committee structure, and amendment processes.

    Hunting Ridge PTA is required to review and amend our Bylaws as needed, every two years.

    Once approved by membership, they are then filed with the Illinois State PTA. Bylaws review is scheduled for Hunting Ridge PTA in the Spring of ODD numbered years.

     You can review the Hunting Ridge PTA Bylaws and Standing Rules below: 

  • Standing Rules

    Standing rules are a PTA’s administrative and operational rules. If your PTA was an appliance, your bylaws would be the assembly and installation guide, while your standing rules would be the operator’s manual. Standing rules are often guided by the bylaws, but are not appropriate for the bylaws.

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