• Office




    Preside at all meetings (general, executive board, executive committee and special meetings).  Ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee and audit committee.  Signatory for all legal documents, including contracts and checks.  Appoint members to special committees.  Delegate the work of the association to other officers or chairpersons as appropriate.  Coordinate work of the officers and chairpersons.


    President Elect

    Special assistant to the president.  Succeed the office of the president.  Responsible for duties as assigned by other members of the Executive Committee and Executive Board.  Serve as Volunteer Coordinator and back-up check signatory.  Perform duties of the president in the absence or inability of the president to do so. 


    1st Vice President Legislation

    Maintains and updates the Hunting Ridge PTA by-laws and standing rules.  Disseminates legislative advocacy material and information from National and State PTA. Encourages local advocacy for our children.  Perform duties of the president in the absence or inability of the president and president-elect to do so. 


    2nd Vice President Programs & Cultural Arts

    Provides programs for school assemblies that enhance curriculum in an educational and cultural manner.  Oversee other educational and cultural program committees.  Perform duties of the president in the absence or inability of the president, president-elect and 1st Vice President to do so. 


    3rd Vice President Ways & Means

    Plans and executes major fundraising efforts (Hawk Hustle & Silent Auction).  Oversee other passive fundraising efforts (Box Tops, Amazon Smile, Dine & Share, etc.).  Perform duties of the president in the absence or inability of the president, president-elect, 1st Vice President and 2nd Vice President to do so. 



    Serves as custodian of PTA funds and financial records.  Submits monthly financial reports (Treasurer’s Report) at every meeting.  Responsible for the remittance of the state and national portion of dues.  Provide financial reports and records for audit.  Responsible for filing appropriate forms as required by the State of IL and IRS.


    Corresponding Secretary

    Conduct official correspondence of the associations via email, newsletter, social media, etc.  Maintain a permanent hard or digital copy of all communications.  Serves as publicity/public relations liaison.  Be available as back-up check signatory.


    Recording Secretary

    Record minutes of all meetings (regular, executive board, executive committee, special meetings).  Sign PTA credentials.  Have current copy of By-Laws and Membership list.  Be available as back-up check signatory.

  • Committee



    6th Grade Activities

    Manages committee for 6th grade activities and events; may included: T-shirt, pictures, video, memento/keepsake, and other events and celebrations.


    Adult Activity

    Plans and executes a social outing for Hunting Ridge parents/guardians.



    Past presidents or other officers offers counsel and advice regarding PTA activities and issues.


    After School Specials

    Coordinates a variety of fun, educational enrichment classes to students after school on various days during winter term.  Offered every other year.


    All School Celebration

    Plans, coordinates and executes all aspects of the PTA all school family celebration.


    All School Outing

    Plans annual outing for students, parents and staff. (Roller Skating, Ice Skating, etc.)



    Responsible for working to enhance the appearance outside the school. Decorates planters found at main (1) and side (3) entrance to school. 

    Maintains the fish tank in the atrium; feeding fish, cleaning tank, maintaining/replacing equipment, etc.


    Birthday Book Club & LRC Theme

    Determines a theme for the LRC and decorates accordingly.  Invites parent/guardians to donate a book in student’s name in celebration of their birthday.


    Book Club (3rd-4th grades)

    Facilitates a student lunch time or after school book program that encourages reading and discussion for 3rd-4th grades.  Offered 1/year up to 1/term.


    Book Fair

    Plans and executes an annual book fair. A wide variety of books are available for Hunting Ridge households to purchase at reasonable prices.


    Box Tops & Amazon Smiles

    Facilitates the collection and tabulation of Box Tops, program typically runs twice per year.  Promotes Amazon Smiles.


    Fall Fest

    Coordinates a fall festival event for students. Pumpkins, crafts, and other related activities.


    Family & Community Support

    Lends a variety of support to Hunting Ridge students and households experiencing crisis situations.  Serves as liaison with POC/PATH organization for donations and volunteers.


    Field Day

    Provides supplies and coordinates volunteers for annual field day event as planned by the Hunting Ridge physical education staff.


    Health & Safety

    Plans, coordinates and facilitates programs throughout the school year that focus on student health & wellness.  Some items include vision/hearing screening, Walk to School & Bike to School events.


    Hospitality/Breakfast Buddies

    Provides refreshments for various functions throughout the year.  Events may include Ice Cream Social, teacher meals during conferences, and Breakfast Buddies.


    LRC Volunteer Coordinator

    Recruits, trains and schedules volunteers for the Learning Resource Center.



    Conducts membership drive and promotes the benefits of the PTA to our school and neighborhood communities.  Welcomes new families/households throughout the year, sharing the benefits of the PTA and inviting them to join.  Manages MemberHub data. 


    Multicultural Fair

    Plans and executes an event to celebrate the various cultures in our school. Occurs once every other year.

    Parent Education   Provide educational programs and resources to Hunting Ridge parents and guardians concerning topics relevant to supporting the overall well-being of our children and families.  


    Coordinates and encourages Hunting Ridge students to participate in music, literature, photography and fine arts Reflections program sponsored by National PTA.  Organizes a school showcase, helps with district/region showcase and end of year recognition.


    Room Parent Coordinators

    Staffs each classroom/grade level with parents/guardian volunteers. Conducts an informational meeting with guidelines for all room parents. Provides support and resources as needed.



    Recognized outgoing PTA volunteers for their contributions.


    Science Fair Organizes a student Science Fair and recognition to encourage STEM/STEAM educational opportunities.


    SPARK Representative – (Special Education Parents Accessing Resources and Knowledge)

    Serves as liaison with district SPARK chair to share information, events and resources to parents and care givers of children with special needs. Works to promote understanding, tolerance and acceptance of children with different abilities.


    Spirit Wear

    Coordinates selection and sale of Hunting Ridge apparel.


    Talent Show

    Coordinates all aspects of Talent Show; auditions, selections, dress rehearsal and performances in person or virtual.


    Teacher Appreciation Week

    Provides recognition and support for the educational excellence of Hunting Ridge teachers and staff during the spring Teacher Appreciation Week.


    Volunteer Coordinator

    Helps to match PTA members looking to volunteer with a good fit opportunity.



    Serves as web master for the HR PTA website.  Creates and maintains content on website.


    Workroom/Bulletin Boards

    Maintains workroom, organizing and inventorying of supplies.  Updates PTA assigned Bulletins Boards in the school.


    Yearbook/Picture Day

    Manages yearbook committee in photo opportunities, photo submissions, cover contest and selection, creation of book and page layout, sales process and distribution.  Plans, coordinates and assists students on school photo day, make-up day, club picture day, and 6th grade picture.