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    Updated:  3/16


    * I will post all assignments on this page during our extended break from school.  As for this week, I would like my class to work on the assignments listed below.  If the state and district decide to close the schools down for an extended amount of time, past the 31st, I will post all eLearning assignments here as well.  If you have any questions, please email me. 



    - Continue to work on your writing menu.  As I told you, I want to stick to the due dates I previously assigned.  All appetizers will be due this Wednesday by 9pm.

                  * Appetizers due on March 18th

                  * Main Courses due April 8th (I have to double-check this date)

                  * Desserts due on April 24th

    - All I will do is check in your work to make sure you are staying on track.  If the item is digital, share it with me.  If you are handwriting the assignment, snap a pic of it with the title.  I will simply check it off.



    - Complete your digital notebook on numbers 1-10 by this Friday, 3:30pm.

    - Feel free to work on the remaining words to get ahead of the game.  The exact due dates for each section are listed in Google Classroom.



    Each of you should have brought home 3-4 books to read.  Please take some time to update your reading log and genre trackers.  All should be completely filled out when we return.

    - Set aside at least 30 minutes of quiet reading time.  

    - 5th graders can work on their monthly book projects.

    - 6th Graders can work on their final TED Talk.


    Current Events

    - Watch CNN 10 News every day this week.  I am requiring that you take notes only...you can skip the summary!  There is a new set of notes posted in Classroom. 

    - It will be due by 3:30pm this Friday.  I think it is very important you stay up to date on what is going on in the world during this unprecedented global event.



    - Continue to work on the Asian continent booklet.  Use the atlas and Internet as your resources to help find the information.  If you have a question on one, let me know or circle it and we will come bak to it later.