Senior Tax Exchange Program

  • CCSD15 Invites Senior Citizens to Work in our Schools

    CCSD15 will begin a program that will allow senior citizen homeowners (age 55 and older) within District 15 boundaries to work in one of our schools in order to offset their property tax bill paid to the District. The maximum amount a senior can earn is capped at the total amount of real estate taxes paid to School District 15. 

    No special skills are required, just the desire to work with students from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. This is a unique opportunity for senior residents to make a contribution to the educational development of the children within our community. All participants are required to participate in the District’s background check process as well as a recent physical indicating that they have the ability to participate in the normal school environment. For example, participants need to be able to speak, hear, exchange information, stand, walk, bend at the waist and lift up to 10 lbs. Our participants will spend time in the library where these skills will be necessary. 

    We will be hiring 20 participants as the program gets underway this fall. Please submit your name to be considered for a position by completing the online application form.

    If you, or someone you know is interested in learning more about the Senior Tax Exchange Program, please have them contact the Senior Tax Exchange Program Coordinator at School District 15 Educational Service Center (847) 963-3000.

Senior Tax Exchange Program Interest Form