Mental Health, Depression, and Suicide Prevention Awareness Program

  • District 15 addresses suicide and depression awareness in conjunction with Board of Education Policy 7:290 Suicide and Depression Awareness and Prevention, to provide students, parents/guardians and employees with practices and procedures for early identification and referral of students possibly at risk of suicide.

    The Mental Health Awareness program will begin in October and November for students in Grades 5-8. Students receive information about good mental health through the Erika's Lighthouse Mental Health Awareness program. This program is used to raise awareness about depression, mental health, suicide prevention, and breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health. Students will learn how to seek help if they are concerned about themselves or a friend.

    In addition, a comprehensive mental health screening process is used to identify students who may benefit from additional support. District 15 utilizes the Social, Academic, Emotional, Behaviors Risk Screener (mySAEBRS) screening tool. SAEBRS is a brief self-completed student questionnaire that is used to help identify students who may be experiencing distress or mental health concerns. Students with elevated risk are further screened to determine appropriate support actions. Parents are notified of this screening prior to its use at their student’s school.