Language Arts/Literacy Instruction

  • Literacy

    District 15 is implementing an updated comprehensive literacy instruction model that is on the cutting edge of literacy education. The Fountas and Pinnell Classroom (FPC) curriculum  is grounded in evidence-based instructional practices used in whole class, small group, and individual learning contexts for all students. The curriculum is being implemented in grades K-6. Learn more about FPC by visiting its website.

    Responsive Literacy Instruction

    District 15 is putting a large focus on teaching pedagogy associated with the new Fountas and Pinnell Classroom (FPC) literacy curriculum. Professional development around differentiation of instruction, and development of common language and experiences are part of the Professional Learning Cycles for District 15's FPC roll-out.

    On October 9, 2019, District Literacy Coordinator Colleen Mullins presented a report on responsive literacy instructions in District 15.

    D15 is adopting this cutting-edge literacy instruction model in stages, with grades K-3 introducing the Fountas and Pinnell Classroom this fall. Our youngest students are now experiencing new and diverse books — some read by the teacher, some read as a class and some that students will read independently.

    The goal is to create classrooms where students are members of a community of literacy learners who read, think, talk and write every day. To prepare teachers to use this new approach, we are now accelerating professional development for teachers in grades 4-6 so they will be ready to create these highly engaged classrooms in early 2020. We are currently working on a plan to begin the work in our junior high schools next.