Parent/Visitor Procedures

  • Parents and visitors are welcome at school; however, because unannounced visits can be disruptive and interfere with instructional time, all visits must be arranged through an appointment with the classroom teacher or office staff. Younger siblings in the classroom are a distraction; please make other arrangements for them if you plan to visit. Visits immediately before school holidays or at the end of the school year are not encouraged because those are extremely busy times for teachers and other staff members.

    According to District 15 procedures, when visiting a school, all visitors are required to do the following:

    • Enter through the designated visitor entrance door.
    • Sign in to the school’s visitor’s log, providing any pertinent information listed on the log (i.e., name, destination, reason for visit, time-in/time-out, etc.).
    • Provide personal government-issued identification card in exchange for the visitor’s pass.
    • Visibly wear the visitor’s pass that is provided by the school’s office personnel for the duration of the visit.
    • Be escorted by staff to their destination, if staff is available.
    • Observe all laws, school policies, procedures, and rules while visiting the school.
    • Sign out of the visitor’s log and return the visitor’s pass in exchange for personal government-issued identification.

    Visitors to and Conduct on School Property

    The School District expects mutual respect, civility, and orderly conduct among all people on school property or at a school event. Pursuant to Board of Education Policy 8:30 Visitors to and Conduct on School Property, no person on school property or at a school event (including visitors, volunteers, students, and employees) shall perform any of the following acts:

    • Strike, injure, threaten, harass, or intimidate a staff member, a Board member, sports official or coach, or any other person.
    • Behave in an unsportsmanlike manner, or use vulgar or obscene language.
    • Unless specifically permitted by State law, possess a weapon, any object that can reasonably be considered a weapon or looks like a weapon, or any dangerous device.
    • Damage or threaten to damage another’s property.
    • Damage or deface school property.
    • Violate any Illinois law, or town or county ordinance.
    • Smoke or otherwise use tobacco products.
    • Distribute, consume, use, possess, or be under the influence of an alcoholic beverage or illegal drug; be present when the person’s alcohol or illegal drug consumption is detectible, regardless of when and/or where the use occurred.
    • Use or possess medical cannabis.
    • Impede, delay, disrupt, or otherwise interfere with any school activity or function (including using cellular phones in a disruptive manner).
    • Enter upon any portion of school premises at any time for purposes other than those that are lawful and authorized by the Board.
    • Operate a motor vehicle: (a) in a risky manner, (b) in excess of 20 miles per hour, or (c) in violation of an authorized District employee’s directive.
    • Engage in any risky behavior, including roller-blading, roller-skating, or skateboarding.
    • Violate other District policies or regulations, or a directive from an authorized security officer or District employee.
    • Engage in any conduct that interferes with, disrupts, or adversely affects the District or a School function.

    Any person who engages in conduct prohibited by Board of Education Policy 8:30 Visitors to and Conduct on School Property may be ejected from school property and/or local law enforcement may be contacted. The person is also subject to being denied admission to school events or meetings for up to one calendar year.

    Only students are allowed to enter into the building in the morning. If a parent or visitor would like to take their child to class in the morning, they must enter through the main doors and follow the visitor sign-in policy.

    Items dropped off for students, such as lunches, notes, homework, keys, or musical instruments, will be delivered from the office before lunch or before dismissal. Items must be labeled with the child’s name and room number/teacher or delivery cannot be guaranteed.

    Parent Volunteers

    Parent volunteers are encouraged and welcome in all District 15 schools; however, we ask that the following protocols be observed:

    • All volunteers must sign in at the school office and wear a guest or volunteer badge while in the building.
    • All volunteers must note the purpose and destination of their visit and not deviate from this purpose or destination without prior notification to the school office.
    • All volunteers follow confidentiality guidelines when working with students.
    • Volunteers should not bring either under-school-age children or school-age children not attending school (i.e., absent due to illness, half-day programming, etc.) with them while volunteering.
    • Volunteers are considered a part of the school population, and should observe all laws, school policies, procedures, and rules while visiting the school. In the event a visitor is in the building when a lockdown is initiated, remain in the area you are in and follow the directives of trained staff members.