School Meal Procedures

  • All students have a meal account and P.I.N. (personal identification number).   The P.I.N. number is the student’s 6-digit district ID number.  If your student was using a P.I.N. last year, that number will not change.  These numbers are given to students on the first day of school. Each student inputs their number on a keypad at the end of the serving line and their meal account is automatically debited.  Students are able to purchase á la carte items using cash or their meal account. Meal accounts can not go negative when purchasing any a la carte items (including extra milk or second meals).  Spending limits can be set by contacting the nutrition services coordinator at your student’s school.  You can also choose to not allow any á la carte or second meal purchases for your student. Unless we are notified, a student may use their account to purchase breakfast (if applicable), lunch, and/or á la carte. 

    All meal payments must be made in advance.  Payments can be made with cash, check or by using our Web-based payment system.

    If paying by cash or check:

    • The first payment of the school year should be mailed to your child’s school prior to the first day.  Please mark the outside of the envelope “School Meals.”  DO NOT send payments to the District office.
    • Send payments – cash and/or check – to your student’s school in an envelope marked “School Meals.”
    • Include student’s first and last name on both the check and envelope.
    • Please make checks payable to “CCSD15 School Nutrition Services.”
    • Check and cash payments may be made any day before 9:00 a.m.
    • If you are paying for more than one student at the same school, please designate the amount for each child.
    • Please be advised that there is a $25 fee for all returned and N.S.F. checks.

    If paying by credit card:

    About MealTime Online, our web-based payment system:

    • Allows you to make secure online payments to your child’s meal account using most major credit cards.
    • Allows you to view your student’s account balance and transactions.
    • Allows you to request an email when your student’s balance falls below a pre-set amount.
    • For each deposit you make you will receive a receipt to print out and an email to verify the deposit which is processed in real time and will automatically reflect in your child’s account once you receive a receipt.
    • There is a convenience fee for making deposits online, which is not charged or collected by CCSD15.
    • Deposits can be made anytime throughout the school year or during the summer. 
    • To Use MealTime Online, visit: OR / Resources / MyMealTimeOnline.   
    • NOTE:  To create an account, you will need your student’s 6-digit district ID number, which can be found on their teacher assignment sheet.

    For more information or assistance, please call School Nutrition Services at (847) 963-3928.