About District Improvement & Data

  • The District Improvement and Data Department supports the District and its students by providing several important and connected services.

    The District Improvement and Data Department focuses on three strategic priorities:

    1. streamlining and updating our information systems to support intelligent, informed decision making;
    2. improving and directly supporting the use of a continuous improvement process to enhance student outcomes and promote positive school climate; and
    3. enhancing our multi-tiered system of supports to address student enrichment and intervention needs.

    When combined, these strategic priorities create a unified and powerful approach to reducing the achievement and access gaps found among our student body.

    The main actions our Department is taking to further each priority and how these actions are anticipated to benefit the districts' administration, staff, and students, as presented to the Board of Education in October 2020, can be viewed here.  

    These services include:

    • Supporting the District’s strategic planning process,
    • Overseeing the District’s Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) system,
    • Assisting schools implement the District’s school improvement process,
    • Coordinating State and District assessments,
    • Developing tools to assist schools with the productive use of assessment information, and
    • Managing the District’s screening and selection process for the District’s Academically Talented and Gifted Program

    Please use the links to learn more about these important services.

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