• Boundaries Task Force discusses preliminary proposals

    At its June 12, 2019, meeting, the Board of Education heard four preliminary proposals from the District 15 Boundaries Task Force. Three members of the task force spoke on behalf of the 37-person team.

    The task force is a group of volunteers representing all District 15 schools. The group has been asked to create possibilities for new boundaries for the board's consideration that address overcrowding issues at several buildings as well as community boundary concerns.

    Preliminary Boundary Proposals 

    The group's presentation included four basic boundary change concepts for the board's consideration. The purpose of the presentation was to help the board make an informed decision regarding the purchase of the Park Place property in northeast Palatine that is being considered for a K-6 elementary school. To view the presentation of boundary proposals, visit our website.

    Next Steps

    At its next meeting in August, the board will continue to discuss the Park Place property and will make a final decision regarding its purchase in the fall. After the board makes its decision about Park Place, the Boundaries Task Force will finalize its concepts and obtain community feedback before presenting again to the board. The Boundaries Task Force operates a Facebook page where it welcomes conversation.

    If the board decides to purchase Park Place and/or change school boundaries, the earliest any changes would occur would be the fall of 2021.