• Thank you for your commitment to our teachers, students, and school.  Leading a committee within the PTA can be very rewarding and fun.  While learning at school is the #1 priority, many cherished memories from school and childhood are from being part of the many programs provided by the PTA - so the time and effort you put into making PTA events a success will be treasured by our children forever!

    Below are guidelines we have compiled to help make your job easier and also ensure consistency across all committee communications and activities.  If you have any questions at any time, please contact the the PTA President(s) at virginialakepta@gmail.com for assistance.


    • Prior to spending any budgeted amount, Committee chairperson must present a completed Plan of Work (POW) with budget proposal to the Board of Directors. The approval of the budget by the membership gives the PTA authorization to spend, however this is not an authorization for a committee to spend money. The approved Plan of Work authorizes the budget spend.
    • Prior to having volunteers purchase items for which they will be reimbursed, always clearly advise them of the total amount they are able to spend.
    • Please make sure to check the PTA workroom/closet for any pre-purchased supplies BEFORE any additional purchases are made by you or your committee volunteers. There are lots of items in the PTA closet from events we don't do anymore which can be repurposed!
    • Please be careful to not exceed your approved budget - you must get permission from the Board to exceed your budget by any amount. 
    • Donation Requests:  Although your committee may have an expense budget, it’s a good idea to be resourceful whenever possible.  There are many area businesses eager and willing to donate items. Cannot hurt to ask!

    Check Requests/Reimbursements:  Any time a committee chairperson or member needs to be reimbursed for personal expenses or requires a check to pay a vendor, please adhere to the  following procedures:

    • Complete the check requests form (available at the PTA website)
    • Make sure requests are signed/approved by the committee chairperson.
    • Attach all receipts to the completed check request and submit to the PTA Treasurer no later than 7 days after the event.

    FYI: The PTA does not give reimbursement for sales tax. Please ask the treasurer for a copy of the current year tax-exempt letter.

    Committee Programs/Event Documentation:   

    • Please keep your Program/Event documents up to date and saved in the google drive. 
    • Keep a record of all the steps leading up to and concluding your event: preparation, copies of forms filled out, names and numbers of any contacts, vendors and copies of contracts (if needed), etc. 
    • All committees are required to turn in a Plan of Work (POW) Report to the President(s) in the spring for the upcoming school year.  It includes the contact information of the committee chairmen, committee and program goals and budget amount you are requesting for your event.  It also contains a checklist to aid in the planning process.
    • Each committee is also required to turn in an End of the Year (EOY) Report to the PTA President(s) before the end of the school year.  It contains information tha summarizes your event or program. It is best to do the EOY Report when your event is still fresh in your mind, making notes of the successes, new ideas and/or things you might change in the future. This information is extremely helpful to the following year's committee chair.  

    Communication with the PTA Board: 

    • The PTA President(s) are here to support you as you dedicate your time to provide educational and fun programs and events for VL students and famiilies. Email the PTA President(s) if you have any questions, want to discuss any new idea or program changes, need help securing volunteers or just need to talk.
    • Keeping the PTA board informed abour the progress and needs of you event is very important.  We are all working towards providing fun and educational programs and events and want to offer assistance when needed.  We ask that you provide a report before and after your event or program at the PTA meetings.  ATTENDANCE AT PTA MEETINGS IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED AND REQUIRES  A LITTLE AMOUNT OF YOUR TIME. Please come to lend you support and input with your fellow chairmen.  If you are unable to attend in person please email the PTA President(s) your report to read at the PTA meeting.  

    Communication with Principal: 

    • Plan ahead.  Speak with the principal in the beginning of the planning stage to go over your ideas and plans for your event. 
    • Provide copies of any fliers that need to be printed for approval and signature on the copy request form.
    • Keep him/her up to date as to the progress of your event and any significant changes you are making.
    • Please remember to drop off any materials for the principal with the secretaries to pass along.

    Communication with School Community:

    • With the exception of certain hard copies that are sent home in each child’s Friday Folder, all PTA communications to the school community come in the form of an eBlast.
    • If you have information that needs to be communicated to the school electronically, on the website & Facebook, please send to the PTA Co-Presidents, Facebook chair & webmaster with at least a two-day lead time for all requests.


    • ALL contracts must be signed by a PTA Co-President.  This is a national PTA rule.
    • When submitting the signed contract to the vendor, please also provide copies to the Treasurer and Co-Presidents.

    Money Collection & Deposits: If your event is collecting money please make sure you contact the treasurer and fill out the Deposit Form (2019 version):

    • At least two (2) people are responsible for counting money at the conclusion of each event. One of these must be a PTA Board Member. Each counter and the event chairperson should retain a copy of the signed form for his/her records.
    • If checks are collected, please write the last name of both the student and his/her teacher on the checks as you receive them.  This assists both the Treasurer and the event Chairperson on when follow-up is needed.
    • Money should be counted immediately after the close of each event and stored at the school until it can be transferred into the Treasurer’s custody.  If unable to be stored at the school a PTA member may take the funds home but funds should be re-counted before transferring into the Treasurer’s custody.
    • The Treasurer cannot receive money that is not accompanied by a deposit form.
    • Please include a record of the money collected in your end of the year (annual) report.

    PTA Workroom/Closet:

    • The workroom/closet is located on the lower level in the right hand corner of the Primary Music Room. 
    • Check there for items you may need BEFORE purchasing any new items. 
    • PLEASE TRY TO ACCESS THE ROOM BEFORE/AFTER SCHOOL OR DUING THE LUNCH HOURS. A key is located in PTA files in the school office.

    Reservation of Facilty or Equipment: 

    • Make sure all necessary forms are filled out for reservation of room, table and/or equipment needs.  Forms are located in the office.
    • Please allow 1-2 weeks notice of any equipment or layout arrrangement you need set up for your event. 

    School Etiquitte: 

    • Please remember we are guests of the school like any other visitor. All guests and volunteers are required to check in at the school office and wear a name badge at all times.
    • If you have something to drop off to the teachers or are in need of something please ask the secretaries. THE SECRETARIES WILL DISTRIBUTE ANY MATERIAL YOU HAVE TO THE TEACHERS.  PLEASE HAVE THE MATERIALS CLEARLY MARKED FOR THE INDIVIDUAL CLASSES OR TEACHERS.


    • Consult the volunteer list for your event provided by the Volunteer Service coordinator.  PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CONTACT PEOPLE ON THIS LIST BEFORE YOU CONTACT FRIENDS FOR ASSISTANCE. (Then you can call your friends if needed.) 
    • Use the principal's weekly communication or your event flier to publicize if volunteers are needed. If you are still in need of help don't hesitate to let the PTA President(s) know. 

    Yearbook Pictures:

    • If your committee runs an event, please make sure someone on your committee takes pictures for the yearbook, which should then be forwarded to the Yearbook Chair.