Athlete Information

  • To be eligible to participate in Special Olympics, an athlete must be at least eight years old on or before the date of the competition and have an IEP. The athlete’s IEP must have at least one academic goal regardless of classroom placement. The athlete must have a completed and submitted CCSD #15 Blue Jays registration form as well as a current medical application on file with Special Olympics Illinois. Medical applications are valid for three years from the date of the child’s medical examination that the doctor writes on the medical application. 

    • Special Olympics offer students an extracurricular program designed specifically for them.
    • Special Olympics give students a chance to experience being part of a team.
    • Special Olympics helps students learn how to make friends and play with others.
    • Special Olympics helps students get a better sense of self while developing social and self-help skills.

    District 15 Special Olympics team, the Blue Jays, participate in three sports: Snowshoeing, and Track & Field & Soccer