• Boundaries Task Force Update

    The Boundaries Task Force continues to meet diligently to create multiple options for potential new school boundaries. The group's last meeting was held March 18, where two preliminary boundary proposals were shared. 

    The group is made up of more than 30 community members representing all schools in the district. They have been tasked with developing proposed adjustments to school boundaries in order to alleviate overcrowding at several schools and better meet the needs of the community.

    The group is working with the community's priorities in mind (data from fall 2018 community survey): 

    1. Neighborhood schools
    2. Alignment of elementary & junior high schools with feeder high schools
    3. Smaller class sizes
    4. Full-day kindergarten
    5. Alleviate overcrowding
    6. Reduce bus travel times
    7. Fiscal responsibility
    8. Minimal disruption to families
    9. Subdivisions not split up
    10. Efficient use of school buildings
    11. Diversifying schools

    So far, the committee has worked through three preliminary proposals that would satisfy many of the community priorities. The proposals are now being refined before they are shared with the community for feedback. Community feedback will drive any final adjustments to the proposals which will then be shared with the Board of Education for its consideration.

    The group initially planned on sharing proposals with the public this spring, but the timeline has slowed down to allow more work to continue. Continue to follow the work of the task force by "liking" its Facebook page.