We are excited to have you as part of our Plum Grove family.

    We encourage all to join the PSTA to show your support for the school and, most importantly, your children. PTSAs play an important role in engaging families, teachers and children to develop healthy behaviors

    When families are involved in their children’s learning both at home and at school, their children do better in school. The report also points to specific types of involvement as being especially beneficial to children’s academic success.


    You are joining a wonderful school with a reputation for academic excellence.  As the PSTA, we sponsor new programs along with traditional favorites during the year. We invite you to learn more and stay connected through our Survival Guide, website, newsletter. Have a great school year !!!


    7'th Grade orientation ppt

  •  Volunteer Opportunities


    Sign up To Volunteer for various PTSA sponsored activities


    To view all volunteer opportunities during the year please click on the button below to take you to our online sign up. You will not need to register an account to sign up. All you need is your email address to get started! We have lots of opportunities for all types of volunteers, so please review the entire list for an option that might fit your schedule at least once during the year. Thank you in advance for your support and time you are giving to the Plum Grove Students and PTSA. For questions about volunteering please contact Jen DeFranco




  • Support your PTA !


    We have successfully offered a direct donation program the past few years that has been highly supported by our Plum Grove parents. In this fast-paced age where it’s hard to find extra time between work and your student’s activities, parents are looking for a simplified way to offer assistance.

    While parents appreciate the services of the PTSA, many welcome the opportunity to reduce the number of fundraising solicitations.  In recognition of this fact, the PG PTSA continues to encourage direct donations to satisfy its budgetary requirements used to support the many important programs it sponsors.

    If you would like to give a direct donation, click on the 'Donate Now" link below for more information.