Student Directory Information/Photo Release

  • Covid 19 Update

    During virtual learning: 

    • your child may be viewed and/or recorded while participating in classroom activities.  
    • teachers may record their lessons to enable students to review the lessons at a later time.
    • teachers may ask students to provide the teacher with a video of the student performing a particular academic task or extracurricular skill. 
    • other students may be able to view these videos to offer feedback or to see how others perform the skill.  

    The instructional practice of utilizing videos are determined by the teacher and are intentionally planned components of meaningful learning. We maintain the policy that no virtual classroom, group, or individual session should be recorded, downloaded, or shared in any manner by students or parents. Although it is against our acceptable use policy, it is possible that your student’s videos could be recorded by other students without the District’s knowledge or consent. 

    If you prefer to avoid having your child displayed on a live camera during concurrent learning or on a pre-recorded video that will be viewed by other students, please contact your child’s teacher. The teacher will determine how to minimize or avoid having your child displayed by the class camera.