Student Directory Information/Photo Release

  • Community Consolidated School District 15 wants to honor family privacy while meeting its obligation to share education-related information with the community.

    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Illinois School Student Records Act (ISSRA), which govern the confidentiality of student record information, allow school districts to publicly disclose students’ “directory information” without parental consent as long as the district annually notifies parents of the categories of information that have been designated as “directory information” and allows them the chance to opt out. CCSD15 has designated the following as “directory information”:

    • student’s name
    • address
    • grade level
    • birthdate and place
    • parents’ names
    • mailing addresses
    • electronic mail addresses
    • telephone numbers
    • photographs/video/digital images used for information or news-related purposes (whether by a media outlet or by the school) of a student participating in school or school-sponsored activities, organizations and athletics
    • academic awards, degrees, and honors
    • information in relation to school-sponsored activities, organizations, and athletics
    • period of attendance in the school.  

    If you do NOT want CCSD15 to release this directory information about your student, you must make a request in writing and send it to your school principal within 30 days of the first day of school each year or within 30 days of the date of enrollment. A letter submitted for the previous year will not carry over.

    What happens if you write the directory information opt-out letter?

    CCSD15 and its schools will not release your students’ directory information in any publications that could reach beyond the school or to any outside organization. In your letter, please specify your desire to also opt out of yearbook, directory, and/or program information. This means your child's photo will not appear on any electronic or printed media hosted by the district.

    What happens if you do not write the letter?

    CCSD15 and its schools may responsibly release your student’s directory information in publications and to outside organizations to promote non-commercial, education-related news, achievements and activities. This means appropriately using your child’s name and/or photo/image on the school district’s websites (including District-sponsored social media) and in newsletters, school directories and athletic/event programs. Without seeking parent/guardian consent, schools could allow, FOR EXAMPLE, the one-five Foundation to use video from your student’s class to highlight a program; local newspapers to run a yearbook photo or picture of your student’s class engaged in a learning activity; or a local non-profit to publicize your student’s name for participating in a school fundraiser that benefited the organization.

    The District is not responsible for photos and videos taken by parents or the media at events that are open to the public. More information about your rights under FERPA is available online at